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Baldur's Gate Walkthrough

Section: Prologue

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You start out in front of Winthrop's Inn. There you will have a little bit of cash and a quarterstaff. Go into the tavern and talk to Winthrop and he'll show you stuff you can buy. All you need is the weapon that you are proficient and a cheap armor like leather armor because later you will get better stuff in Chapter one from killing stuff. Then talk to Firebead Elvenhair, he will ask you to get the scroll from Tethoril. Tethoril is in the compound of the walls of the library. If you have a thief with pick lock greater than 30% go ahead and try the locked chests in the Inn.

If you talk to Phlydia, she seems to have misplaced her book, go talk to Dreppin. He will tell you that she left her book in the haystack. It's the hay on the left where the cow Nessa is at. Talk to Dreppin again and he will tell you that Nessie is sick and that he be needing an antidote. If that's the case go talk to Hull somewhere to the east of the map and he will say he needs his sword from the barracks, which is somewhere westward from Hull. There you will get the sword and the antidote.

Inside the barracks you talk to Fuller who will ask you to get him crossbow bolts for him where you can buy from Winthrop. You will get a dagger +1 from him, your first magical weapon.

There is also some money lying about some crates and barrels, you should check them out.

In Candlekeep, there are two places (Priest Quarters & Bunkhouse) where someone has send assasins to kill you. You should have no problem if you are not a wizard. If you are, try running around the room a little and cast magic missile or any offensive spell you have once you get your desired distance. Remember, spells have casting time and most level 1 spells only have a casting time of 1 which means it is executed quite early in the round.

To exit the Prologue, talk to Gorion and say you are ready for the adventure of your life.

CONTINUED: Chapter One
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