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Fallout 2 Walkthrough

Section: San Francisco

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First thing you'll notice here, is two guys fighting. The Dragon and Lo Pan. Talk to them, they're too equally matched, one of them needs a champion. The Dragon is good, Lo Pan is evil, make your own choice. I chose the Dragon.

Now first thing you'll need to prove yourself. That means fighting
unarmed against a sequence of fighters, increasingly tougher, and
ending with the Dragon himself. Now each of them aren't too tough,
since unlike New Reno boxing, here you don't have to use gloves, and
you can use kicks and special unarmed attacks. And you are healed
between fights.

A problem I've had was trying not to kill the Dragon's fighters in the
ring, because he said it wouldn't be a fight to the death. So I used
to reload when I pulled a "fatality" (i.e., a critical that killed the
bugger.) Apparently it makes no difference, though. Even if you kill
the Dragon in the ring (I'm assuming it's him, because it looks like
him, and he did say he'll be the last test), he'll still be there in
his room after the fight.

Then you'll have to challenge Lo Pan to mortal kombat. About half way
through the fight, the sucker will "accidentally find" a .223 pistol.
Yes, it's that thingie that has 20-30 hp attacks. Normally by now
it'd be unimpressive, as weapons go, but remember that you're without
your armour now, and your fists don't do half as much damage as his

After you've killed Lo Pan, go talk again to the Dragon.

Go talk to the guard near the Brotherhood of Steel building, and he'll
ask you to bring him the vertibird plans from Navarro. He'll also
tell you a way to do it without fighting, if you want to. (Don't
leave your friends HERE, as he suggests, though. That would make
random encounters a bit more difficult. You can leave them in front
of the gates to Navarro base, anyway.)

Now go north. In the tanker you can check out the shops, then go
downstairs. Kill all the aliens. Remember Wannamingo mine? Same
thingies. Use burst mode heavily, e.g., from the Bozar. Kill the
other creatures, too. This big battle is worth a bit over 10K xp.
Talk to Suze, and watch her go up the stairs. (BTW, don't overdo
burst mode around Suze. You're trying to rescue her, not kill her :)
Then go upstairs, talk to her again, and talk to her boyfriend. Go in
the bar, go upstairs, and talk to the Captain. So now you need a
Tanker Fob, the NavCom parts you already have from Vault 13, and fuel
to move the tanker. In case that's unclear, you do not need to find
the IFF: the tanker already has one.

Go to the Hubologists' area, say you have a letter for the AHS-9, get
let inside. You can give him the letter for some xp, and you can go
talk to the "celebrities" who are making propaganda for the "church".
Be sure to ask what makes them celebrities. Yup. They played in some
second rate porn flicks in New Reno. Find the scientist, and ask him
to upgrade your armour. Use a terminal nearby and find out how the
"church" is one huge money making scheme, and how the AHS-9 has no
qualms about destroying the humans who weren't with him from the
beginning. Use the wait option on the PIP to pass the time until it's
ready. Interestingly enough, after doing the upgrade, he had the cash
in his inventory, so I just stole the 10 grand back. That's one free
upgrade. Now leave, and personally I'd say don't join.

Now that you have hardened power armour, you're ready to kick some
righteous donkey in Navarro. (Alternately, you could buy some Tesla
armours from a shopkeeper in Chinatown, which are even better against
plasma. And at Navarro, they do use plasma in wholesale. If you can
afford them, that is.) Jump in your car, and go there.

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