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Half-Life Walkthrough

Section: Questionable Ethics

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Climb up the ladder and break the grate but don't go up just yet. There are about five or six Houndeyes in the room above so it is best to throw a Satchel Charge in first and detonate it to clear them out, but if you don't have any Satchel Charges you will have to take your chances with what ever little ammo you have to kill them. We have to get out of this enclosure, the fence is electrified so don't bother trying to open the door. Pick up the Magnum ammo and shoot the little red box on top of the electrified fence, it will fizzle and fazzle about for a second or so then overload the generator box and the door will open. Go through and use the health dispenser if you need to then proceed down the hallway.

You will come to an experiment room, take a look at the Alien Grunt in the glass case. Break the glass covering the button and press the button. It will let out the Grunt so run down the hall into the next room and into the control booth. If the Grunt follow you in press the button and electrical weapon will toast him. Use the health dispenser and kill the Soldier waiting just outside the door ( a Satchel charge at the door comes in handy). Now talk to the Security Guard and continue up the ramp. In the foyer area there are several guards, you should now have the MP5 again so use that to kill them as well as the Magnum if you run out of ammo for MP5. The Security Guard will lay down cover fire for you which is quite nice of him. Collect the ammo they dropped and the Assault Shotgun one of them had.

Go up the stairs and into the second experiment room. press the button on the wall to open the cage for the Headcrabs. Let them see you so that they come after you then run into the control booth and press the button to toast them. Now go into the cages where the Headcrabs where and grab the Crossbow and some Snarks.

Exit the lab and head down throwing some Snarks into the room ahead. Wait till you hear them explode then run in and kill the remaining Soldiers. Now take a right at the intersection and head down the hallway. Walk into the room at the end and grab the HEV power. Walk up to and through the door way into the observation area remember to grab the Trip Mines. Once in the observation room shoot the trip mines by the corner of the room. The two elevators on opposite sides of the room will rise letting out two Alien Grunts, seconds later the Cavalry burst through the door guns a blazing. It is quite a fight, but once it has ended mop up the survivors. Grab the ammo that the Soldiers won't be using any more then walk through the passage that has been opened up for you.

Follow the passage but be wary for there are some Soldiers that are also in this passage. You will come to a stack of boxes, break the first couple then be careful as to avoid activating the Trip Mine. Use the health dispenser and keep moving down the hallway. Go past the Headcrabs in the glass cages and as you pass them they will break out so kill them then head up the steps. Some Soldiers will be attacking some Bullsquids so stay hidden till there finished then mop up the survivors ( mopping up is getting to become a habit now isn't it). In the main hall go down the passage on the left and listen to the two Scientists talk about their latest technological break through. Oh dear you had best be careful when using that gun. Run into the room and grab the Gauss Gun. It is a very powerful weapon that when charged up with the secondary fire button fires through walls.

Push the red button on the console to activate the laser. Walk out the door and into the room ahead, again push the red button to activate the laser. Before leaving the second laser room grab the HEV power. Then go to the room at the very end and press the red button there as well. In this room there is also a health dispenser. To activate the fourth laser walk down the hallway across from this one and into the room filled with Houndeyes. Kill them then press the button to turn on the fourth and final laser.

Search the crates in this area to get the goodies then follow the lasers along the roof to where they are headed ( Laser Control Room ). Enter the room and a big machine is situated in the middle of the room. Press the button on the console and a test fire wall will come down and the machine will generate a powerful laser, combined of the ones you just turned on. Now we need to block the test fire wall. Push the crate up against the back wall and right next to slightly elevated part where the machine is. Now press the test fire button and the wall will come down, hit the crate, and go back up again. Now the laser will fire breaking through the wall. Wait till it stops then go through the hole in the wall and onto the pipe.

Jump down to the ledge then onto the floor below. Open the door and the Scientists will tell you that they have access but you need to turn off the surgical unit. Turn off the surgical unit by timing your movements carefully then get one of the Scientists to follow you. If you haven't killed the Headcrabs you have to or the Scientist will stop following. Proceed to the foyer area. The Scientist will activate the Retinal Scanner and will tell you that he will alert the Lamba Team that your on your way. Now go through the revolving door and shoot the guard. Lob a Grenade up onto the roof to clear out the turrets the run into the tunnel and break the crates to get some HEV power and ammo, then open the big door and into...

CONTINUED: Surface Tension
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