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Half-Life Walkthrough

Section: Office Complex

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Welcome to the Office Complex. You need to get down the hallway, but do not start running off down there yet because if you look a wire has come loose and it is live and extremely dangerous (it kills you very easily). Just before the live wire is a vent grate. Go and break open the grate and enter it. At the end break open the grate and go into the room. There is a Barnacle on the roof as well so be careful. Also while you are there more Barnacles will be bursting from the roof as well.

In the corner is a door labelled "HIGH VOLTAGE" open it, go through, and flip the switch. Now the hallway should be safe.

Now back at the hallway you can proceed down without getting killed. At the doorway at the end of the hallway you need to break the glass and climb through. The room filled with water is electrified so don't go there yet. I think it is about time to stock up of some supplies so go left and to the wooden door. A Zombie should start to break through. Let him demolish the doorway then kill him. Go in and take the pistol clips. Leave and continue left and when you get to the crates break them up with the crowbar and continue on. You should come across a supply room that is locked by a steel mesh gate. You will also see a Security Guard and a Zombie sneaking up on the guard. Kill the Zombie and the Security Guard will let you in. Grab the shotgun. And if you need it climb down the ladder to find some HEV power and First Aid kits.

Now head back to room filled with water. The water is electrified. So you have to keep out of the water. Jump into the window frame and from here to the table. Now jump to the sink. From the sink to the far wall which has a health dispenser near it. Then to the table/counter on the other side. Turn off the light by using the switch and activate your flashlight. You can now safely walk through the water. The closet has HEV power in it if you need it. Break open the grate and venture in the vent duct. You may have to kill some Headcrabs. At the fan if there are any Headcrabs in the fan room they should try and attack you and consequently jump into the fan killing themselves. Once in the fan room you have to be careful because of the fan. continue on and break the grate at the end of the duct. Don't enter the room yet. There is a security turret inside and that unlucky Scientist just found out. Now you have two options: 1. Leave the turret on to kill off some pesky aliens or 2. you can disable it by pressing the switch underneath the turret. Both have a down side so either way it doesn't matter.

TO DISABLE THE TURRET: To disable the turret you need to flip the switch which is located underneath the ledge where the turret is positioned. Make a runner to the boxes, then quickly duck and smash away any boxes that get in the way and then pull the switch.

TO KILL THE HEADCRABS: To lure the Headcrabs into the turrets firing range you need to run into the corridor straight ahead. In the corridor is a big herd of Headcrabs, once they see you, RUN back to the turret and into the room across the hallway. You should make it un-harmed but the Headcrabs get massacred.

The room at the back has some supplies in and also some Alien Slaves and a Bullsquid that teleport in. Take care of them and then pick up everything and return to the area where the Headcrab herd was. Continue up the stairs and you will find a Security Guard. Get him to follow you. Now head into the offices. Inside and around the offices are quite a few Alien Slaves so having him around isn't such a bad idea. Inside the offices are some useful supplies so if you need Health of HEV power hunt around the offices and you should find some. Before leaving the office area locate the lounge. Jump on the lounge and smash the ceiling tiles with the crowbar and climb up the ladder. There is a security turret here and you need to de-activate it. To de-activate you need to activate it first ( You can't de-activate a turret if it is not activated, and if you try it becomes impossible to de-activate it) then run to the de-activation switch and pull it to turn it off. Now grab the shotgun shells and climb back down the ladder.

Exit the offices but beware there are Alien Slaves waiting near the stairs. There is also one trying to hide in between the vending machines. Kill them then venture up the stairs and kill the Headcrabs at the top ( this is much easier if you have de-activated the turret). Follow the hallway till you come to a large room filled with Headcrabs and Zombies. Kill them and then proceed to hack away at the boarded up door. Follow the passage and you will arrive at another lounge area with some vending machines and a couple of Zombies. Kill the Zombies and flip the metal switch to open the meat locker door.

Enter the meat locker and turn left. A Scientist should come running out to you. Enter the room he ran from and be prepared to kill a Bullsquid. Pick up the grenades. At the back of the meat locker in a shadowy corner is some crates. Get close and a Bullsquid will burst through the boxes, kill it. Pull the switch to activate the moving platform. Now return to the entrance of the meat locker and climb the ladder. Crawl the vent duct, break it open and crawl inside. While crawling through the ducts you will encounter one or two Headcrabs so be prepared to deal with them. Keep following the duct until it ends then break open the grate. When the platform passes by jump onto it. There is some HEV health in the crates if you need it. On the opposite side of where you jumped onto the platform is another grate. Jump onto this one and follow it until you come to a room filled with Barnacles. Shoot them and don't forget to grab the shells and HEV power. Now jump up to the open duct and follow it until it ends, and climb the stairs.

In the next hallway a Scientist will come flying through the window and two Zombies will come, one from the walkway above and one from the wall. Kill both. Climb into the broken window and grab the Shotgun and shells and the First Aid kits if necessary. Also where the Zombie broke through the wall there should be some grenades.

Now follow the passage and you will come to an elevator shaft. you need to jump to the ladder at the far end of the opposite wall. It is a fair way so time your jump carefully. Once safely on the ladder continue up climbing the ladders. Unfortunately there is no way to help the dangling Scientist, so keep going and jump onto the ladder on the elevator. Once on the elevator break the grating and jump in. Now Open the doors and be prepared to meet the recovery team.

CONTINUED: "We've Got Hostiles"
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