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Half-Life Walkthrough

Section: Power Up

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Follow the hallway and you will come to a large room with some Soldiers fighting a new alien beastie called the Gargantua. Whoa! He is gonna take a lot of fire power to kill. Don't muck about here because when he is done with the Soldiers he is gonna come after you! Quickly run to the hallway just ahead. Now we need to turn on the power, but the entrance is blocked and Alien Slaves will teleport in to try and stop you. So now head for the Track Control room. fight off the Alien Slaves to get there. The walkway will collapse but that isn't a problem we don't need to get to Track Control just yet. Turn around and follow the hall way. Fight past the Alien Slaves and Headcrabs and follow the Power Generator signs. At the blocked stairway is a health dispenser if needed. When you come to the valve turn it and it will open the door to the hazardous waste room.

Climb the ladders to the top room. Be careful there are some Soldiers and a machine gun up there. Once they have been disposed of search the crates and head down the hallway. You will come to a fortified room. There is a Soldier hiding behind the barricade but you can shoot the explosive boxes behind him to hopefully rid him of his breathing privileges. If you need health or some grenades walk up to the barricade then turn around and head down the little underground shelter to find them. Head up the ramp behind the barricade and proceed left. There are several Soldiers here but they should be easy to exterminate. Once the left is clear proceed down the right passage. A herd of Headcrabs will crash through the ceiling, let the Soldiers fight the Headcrabs then mop up the survivors. Thee is a HEV power dispenser inside the room. Activate the elevator but don't get on just yet. Look down there are blue lasers all around the elevator, you can shoot them or drop down a grenade to clear them out. Once they are gone get on the elevator and ride it down and follow the walkway.

You will come to a large open room and will be greeted by some Houndeyes. Kill them and continue to the stairs, walk all the way down to the matenience level and wall through the water and shoot or grenade the boxes blocking the pump piston. Be quick for the little leech thing bite sometimes. there is a Zombie near the stairs but you should be able to dodge him without having to waste ammo. Head back up to the first level and into the power generator control room. Press the switch that should turn on the generator. Ahh power. Now that the power is on a very dangerous beam of electricity will be shooting out of a power box. Time your exit carefully as to avoid being hurt. Head back to the elevator.

When going back up to the area above, it will be full of Soldiers. Run about and shoot at them and lure them intot he corridor ahead that leads to a little balcony where you came in. When the Soldiers are dead head back to where the giant alien beastie is. head down the other corridor and keep running till the corner. If the beast isn't following you fire at it a few times to get its attention and then run into the Generator room. Run up to the controls and press the switch, then run into the corridor off to the side and wait at the door peeking at what is about to happen. Yeah, well he wasn't so tough now was he.

Head back to the large open area and get onto the freight car. Drive it onto the turntable and run up to the track control room. Flip the switch and use the HEV power dispenser if needed. Leave Track Control and get back on the car. Drive it into the tunnel because now your...

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